Introducing The Darling Birds! — 2 Comments

  1. I hadn’t realised that even the new cages are still producing hens in such a state… It makes me glad that we have our own eggs and don’t need to buy! Or, we would, if my girls would get their little feathery behinds in gear, five hens and only one laying – think I need to give them some more encouragement in the form of old Weetabix and digestive biscuits. Best of luck with your new arrivals, I’m sure they will soon ‘feather up’ and be as gorgeous as your current girls.

  2. Thanks so much, Jane! We must say we were shocked by their appearance. It just goes to show that this still isn’t the right way to keep hens. I’m sure our girls will recover and learn that life can be sweet. Hope your girls are well. Thank goodness we’re through the winter and have spring and summer to look forward to!

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