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Carys Miller doesn’t believe in the aristocracy nor does she believe in the supernatural. So, when she finds herself married to Richard, 12th Duke of Cuthland, and living in his haunted house, she wonders if she’s going mad.

As the new mistress of Amberley Court, Carys discovers she’s now in charge of a house the size of a small village. And, as if that isn’t enough to be getting on with, she finds herself in the most unpopular of roles: a stepmother to young Cecily and Evie. Then there’s the formidable mother-in-law, the Dowager Duchess, who might once have been a society beauty but now possesses a frown which could freeze an ocean.

Carys desperately needs help but she doesn’t expect it to come from an eighteenth century duchess who simply refuses to leave Amberley.

Three Graces is a story about mothers, daughters, lovers and ghosts, and how the past, somehow, always manages to find its way into the present.

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