Escape to Mulberry Cottage – £1.99

Having grown up in rural Norfolk, author Victoria Connelly never thought she’d ever live in London but, after surviving eleven years in the noisy suburbs, she finally persuades her husband to move to Suffolk – to a county with no motorways, a village with no shops and a cottage with no mains drainage.

Escape to Mulberry Cottage follows Victoria and her artist husband, Roy, as they embrace country life with their ever-expanding family of animals. Illustrated with twenty stunning photographs, it’s the perfect read for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting away from it all.

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Summer at Mulberry Cottage – £3.49

It’s summer at Mulberry Cottage and author Victoria Connelly has plenty to do: from introducing a new flock of ex-bat hens to her garden, to writing her novels, and hoping that her garden produce will be good enough for the village show.

Return to the beautiful landscape of rural Suffolk with the third book in the Mulberry Cottage series. Illustrated with over thirty stunning photographs, this is the perfect gentle read for anyone who has ever dreamed of escaping.

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A Year at Mulberry Cottage – £3.49

Leaving the London suburbs for a nineteenth-century cottage in rural Suffolk was the best decision that author Victoria Connelly ever made.

Following on from Escape to Mulberry Cottage, Victoria takes you through a whole calendar year of life in a small country village from rescuing more ex-battery hens to taking part in her first horticultural show.

With over thirty beautiful colour photographs, A Year at Mulberry Cottage is the perfect book for anyone who has ever dreamed of a life in the country.

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Praise for the Mulberry Cottage series:

‘Enchanting.’ Erica James

‘Victoria Connelly is writing in the tradition of Miss Read and bringing the pleasures of the countryside to a whole new generation.’ Leah Fleming

‘A heart-warming read.’ Cosybooks

‘Lyrical, truthful and evocative.’ Amazon reviewer

‘A fascinating glimpse into the heart of a nature-lover.’ Caroline Lawrence

‘I was totally caught up by Victoria’s country dream and I can’t wait to read more of her adventures!’ Chicklit Reviews and News