Shortlisted for the RNA’s Romantic Comedy of the Year!

Beautiful, rich, famous and seriously stressed, actress Connie Gordon is ready for a change. Deciding to accept an invitation from her fan club in Scotland, Connie kisses goodbye to her ex-boyfriends, stalkers and double-crossing agents, and prepares herself for complete relaxation.

But swapping the Hollywood Hills for the Highlands of Scotland doesn’t make for the easiest of transitions and, when she meets local playwright, Alastair McInnes, who’s sworn he’ll never become involved with another actress again, sparks fly, and the sleepy village of Lochnabrae will never be the same again.

The Runaway Actress is a romantic comedy about friends, fans and family, and finding a place that you can call home.

* * * * *

This blissful slice of escapism comes with a dusting of romance, a large dollop of heart and a setting so enchanting it should be sponsored by Visit Scotland.’ The Daily Record

‘As with Victoria’s previous books, this is a fantastic read.’ Sarah’s Book Reviews

‘Warm, witty and delightful.  A great read.’ Random Jottings

‘I enjoyed everything about this book … Victoria is a brilliant story-teller.’ Novelicious

‘A very gentle read with delightfully atmospheric writing. Perfect for a relaxing evening reading! Highly Recommended! Hot Brands, Cool Places

‘Definitely a book I would recommend.’ Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

‘A real feel-good book where the pages turned themselves with no effort whatsoever.  Victoria Connelly is a wonderful author who writes fabulously romantic stories.’ Kim the Book Worm

‘Sweet, funny and romantic, with a couple of unexpected twists along the way, The Runaway Actress is well worth a read, and will leave you longing to have your own adventures in the Scottish Highlands!’ Book Worm Ink

* * * * *



Maggie was teetering on top of a stool, stacking boxes of porridge when the shop phone rang.

‘Maggie?’ a voice squealed a moment later.


‘She’s here,’ Isla whispered.

‘Who’s here?’

‘She!  Her!’ Isla said, her voice high and excitable.

‘Isla, what are you talking about?’

‘Connie.  Connie Gordon.’

‘What?  On the telly?  Am I missing something?’

‘No.  Not on the telly.  Here.  In Lochnabrae.  She’s in room number two right now.’

‘No!’ Maggie cried.

‘Yes.  I say, yes!’

‘Why didn’t you call me?’

‘I am calling you!’ Isla said, perplexed.

‘I mean, when she arrived?’

‘Well, I didn’t recognise her last night.’

‘What do you mean, you didn’t recognise her?  She’s Connie Gordon – one of the world’s most famous actresses.’

‘But she was just a lass wanting a room for the night.  And her hair was all scrunched up under a cap.  Oh!’ Isla suddenly yelled.

‘What is it?’

‘I told her that her skin was dry.  I gave her my pot of Benet’s Balm.  She must think I’m so rude.’

‘And she’s with you now?’

‘Aye.  She’s in her room.’

‘And you’re sure it’s her?  You’re sure it’s our Connie and not some lookalike pretending to be her?’

‘No!  It’s her! ‘

‘Oh my god!’ Maggie exclaimed as the realisation dawned on her.  ‘It was my letter, wasn’t it?  She read my letter!’

‘Maggie – you’ve got to come over here.’

‘Yes,’ Maggie gasped.  ‘I’ll come over.  MY HAIR!’


‘I’ve got to wash my hair.  Oh, why couldn’t you have rung me last night?  My hair always goes frizzy when I wash it in the morning.’

‘But I didn’t know last night,’ Isla said.

‘Look, I’ll come over as soon as I can.’

‘Don’t be long,’ Isla said.  ‘I don’t know what to say to her.  Not after the Benet’s Balm incident.  She must think I’m mad.’

Maggie hung up the phone and stood perfectly still for a moment and then she did something she hadn’t done since Jimmy Carstairs had dropped a house spider down the back of her blouse at primary school.  She screamed.