Natural Born Readers

Ben Stratton and Bryony Nightingale. Everybody thought they’d be together forever. But, when Ben leaves the small market town of Castle Clare to travel the world, Bryony is heartbroken, seeing his departure as the ultimate betrayal.

Throwing herself into her work running the much-loved children’s bookshop, Bryony determines to forget Ben and to start dating again. But Ben doesn’t make it easy for her, sending her postcards filled with his love and posting her foreign editions of all the great romantic novels from the countries he’s travelling through.

Then, after six long years, the unexpected happens and Ben returns, determined to win Bryony back. But will she forgive him and does he have the courage to tell her the truth about why he left her?

‘Gripping, emotional, dramatic and feel-good…an irresistible romantic read from the fabulous Victoria Connelly.’ – Bookish Jottings

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Books in this series: The Book Lovers, Rules for a Successful Book Club, Natural Born Readers, Scenes from a Country Bookshop, Christmas with the Book Lovers.