Spring sunshine — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, Victoria 🙂
    I was “redirected” here from Jane Austen prose and I enjoyed my visit 🙂 Beautiful pictures! I begin to think that the best scenery can be found in Britain… Books by British authors and their adaptations seem to prove it to be so, as well… And I’m stuck here, in Spain… :o)

    Minnie and Alice are dolls 🙂 I’m partial to hens (the birds in general) too, they remind me of “my” beloved pigeons, that are waiting for food as I write…

    Thank you & Good luck =)

  2. So thrilled you like the pictures, Lily. I am in love with our countryside and adore walking and photographing it whenever I can.

    Say hello to your pigeons for me! We have two lovely collared doves who visit our garden and try to pinch the hens’ food!

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