Miss Read’s Thrush Green — 4 Comments

  1. I read Farewell to Fairacre about 2 years ago, and didn’t quite get it out of my mind. I kept intending to try to find more Miss Read books, but that would involve either ordering from Amazon or Abe, and waiting, plus paying for shipping. So I’d ask every now and then at the 2nd hand store, and finally hit the jackpot yesterday; picked up about six of them. I’ve had several years of stress and depression, and decided to get as many Agatha Christie and Miss Reads as I could find, and just read myself into relaxation. It does work.

    I’m an analytical type of person, I like to read detective novels mostly, at the moment, with forays into Dickens and John Buchan; so I wasn’t sure what to expect as per my reaction. I wasn’t sure that such idyllic writing would work for me, but I’ve just finished Thrush Green, and while finding some problems with class consciousness, (I’m Canadian, not used to it); I’ve finally decided that I don’t care. Dora Saint’s wonderful descriptions of the country, and her rather lyrical writing style are so peace-inducing, that I swear they’re making me more relaxed. I think she’s quite right, that you do have to retreat from the world, and she’s given us a way to do it.
    In fact, I am sure that the *act of reading* is like a massage for the mind, and this really is a good way to go, into Dora’s world.

  2. I find the “Miss Read” books very relaxing and they are a gentle antidote to depression too. Pure escapism into a charming world.

  3. I absolutely love miss reads books ,I have every one of both fair acre and thrush green and read them over and over again .I didn’t know that a real village in cotswolds was the inspiration for thrush green so I will visit there in the spring ! The books are magical

  4. I moved from England to America as a teenager but my heart is still there,
    Miss Reed books are a way to go back and remember what I miss .
    They are so beautifully descriptive of life in a country village at a more
    gentle time. I am 77 and live alone, her books are so peaceful and help me to relax and go to sleep at night, a gift I will always enjoy

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