Indie Month Guest – Janice Horton — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for having on your ‘Indie Month’ blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading this feature and I look forward to seeing who else will appear as your guests. It’s so interesting to find out how other indies operate.

    Thanks again!

    Oh, and everyone, do consider attending The Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party on Friday 26th October – more details to be found on my blog. I promise fun and prizes!

    Love, Janice xx

  2. Great post and glad to see the comment box is working now! I’ve enjoyed all your books, Janice, even if they’re out of my comfort zone, so now I must read your Voodoo one.

  3. Fabulous interview and I like your style and attitude, Janice. You’re a total inspiration. Can’t wait for the Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party!

  4. I can testify to your professionalism, Janice, both quality and content. Excellent advice, btw. Readers deserve the best we can give them – and we owe it to ourselves to do so. Think how hard you have worked on the writing. Don’t let final presentation let your book down! Good luck, sweetie!

  5. Excellent interview.
    It takes time and effort but you are proof that you can succeed as an Indie writer. I also agree with you Janice about networking. It’s not just the sales that increase but friendships.
    I’m horribly excited about your new book which is now top of my TBR pile and the forthcoming spellbinding party and have been blowing dust off my mother’s broomstick for the event.
    Good luck with it all – you deserve success.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments, ladies. It’s hard work being Indie but your generous and fabulous support makes it all so much fun! (I’m still giggling about your mother’s broomstick, Carol. I do hope she doesn’t read this blog!)

    Janice xxxx

  7. The Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party is going to be amazing and is ingenius! So typical of Janice Horton’s entreprenurial spirit! She is an amazing author and has the marketing skills to match. Nice one Janice, my spell is brewing….

  8. Thank you Linn. I can’t wait to see what spell you are cooking up! It’s only a week away until the Spellbindingly Fun Party but it’s fine to sign up for it right until the day – all the details (and it’s all simples!) are on my blog – and the only reason I’m asking you to sign up is because then I can list all the party peeps with hyperlinks to their blogs (and their spells!) on the day from my blog (The Spellbindingly Fun Party HQ)

    There will be fun and there will be prizes!
    So party on!

    Janice xx

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