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  1. Hi Victoria!! A couple of my friends have got ex battery hens. They are so funny once they get used to being outside. Danièle’s like to sit on the arms of her outside chairs looking through the conservatory windows & she’s had to replace the back door with a stable door cos they kept wandering into the kitchen!!! By the way I have only just found you as an author cos I got a Kindle for Christmas & I now have 5 of your books which I’ve enjoyed immensely. Jacqui

  2. Hi Clare and Jacqui – we LOVE having our hens and can highly recommend them as an addition to any family!

    Jacqui – thank you so much for buying my books and I’m thrilled you enjoyed them. Have you discovered the two short story collections as well? ‘One Perfect Week’ and ‘The Retreat’?

  3. Hi Victoria, I got “One Perfect Week” but the stories don’t last long enough for me!! They’re kinda like ‘tasters’ & I was left feeling hungry for more!! I would imagine that you could expand some of them into a short book (novella?) which would be interesting.
    Btw as you are now in Suffolk, have you been to Thorpeness or Southwold yet, both of them lovely places. Jacqui

  4. Hi Jacqui – that’s the problem with the short story – not enough room to develop the characters and really go for it in the way you can with a novel. There’s a second collection on Kinlde now called ‘The Retreat’ if you fancy some more.

    We have, indeed, visited Southwold and loved it! Went there on Valentine’s Day! Thank you for the tip about Thorpness – we’ve not been there yet.

  5. Just discovered your website but I have read a couple of your books and putting the others on my wish list for future. They are really enjoyable and make me smile. Just wanted to say, I think the chickens look really well and think it was great they now have homes with you in such a lovely place. Animals give so much back to you and don’t ask for that much. Long may they continue to enjoy their new lives:-)

  6. Christine – so lovely that you’re enjoying my books. Thank you for letting me know – you’ve put a smile on my face! We adore our hens and hope to repeat the experience by rescuing some more very soon!

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