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  1. Wow, you’ve been a very busy bee!! Can’t wait to read the new books as I loved Weekend With Mr Darcy. Keep them coming!! xx

  2. I have just finished reading A Weekend with Mr Darcy (read in under 24 hours as I couldn’t put it down!) and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.
    Although I love literature I am ashamed to admit I have never delved into Jane Austen but after reading your book I am completely inspired to read all 6 and visit the locations you talk about.
    Your love for Jane jumped off the pages and I can’t wait to read the next one.
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much, Jenni! Lovely to hear that you enjoyed it so much and you must read some Jane Austen. My favourites are Pride and Prejudice (a perfect novel with the best cast of characters ever), Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion.

    And do visit Chawton if you can. It’s so beautiful.

  4. I have just finished reading ‘A Weekend with Mr Darcy’ for the second time and I really enjoyed it even though I’d read it before. I’m looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

    I also enjoyed ‘Molly’s Millions’ as it was just so different from many chick lit books on the market.

  5. Thank you, Jilly! The second in the trilogy, ‘The Perfect Hero’ is out at the end of April and I had so much fun writing it. Hope you enjoy that one too.

  6. Victoria,
    I am so glad I stumbled on your book when i was in Waterstones, Picadilly, last October! I read it on the flight back to California – it was great! I am not even sure I saw it on Amazon, so delighted to find it when i asked a clerk for books on Mr. Darcy, as I am always looking for more sequels or contemporary take offs.

    And now so exciting that you are working on a series. I can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Thank you, Erna! The trilogy will be published in the US from July and will have brand new covers so do look out for them. They were such fun to write : )

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