The Jane Austen Festival — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, It´s wonderful see my pic in your blog. It´s an honour, for sure. It was really a great weekend in Bath. You and Jane are so lovely and amazing and great. I hope see you again in London in a few weeks.
    I travelled from Málaga, from summer ,(in my city), to autumn in Bath only for the Jane Austen Festival.
    It was like living in that aged, like characters in a great Regency movie.
    We had a great time. I´ll remember all my life. Son thanks for being there with me.

    A lot of kisses from Málaga

    Isa Merino (the girl with Darcy´s bag)

    Good luck with your books, great author.

  2. Oh it all looks so beautiful! I grew up visiting the Bath costume museum and have very fond memories of some of the dresses – how fantastic it must have been to have the chance to wear something like them! But I suspect they’re not the most practical garments – think I’ll stick to my jeans and jodhpurs…

  3. Wonderful photos Victoria! Looks like you had a great time. Shame you didn’t buy a bonnet though… Good luck with the rewrites on the 2nd novel. xx

  4. Glad you all like the pics! Yes, I really should have bought a bonnet! I missed out there!

    Jane – I couldn’t give up my jeans either.

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