Celebrating Valentine’s — 4 Comments

  1. Best wishes for a splendid day on Friday, Victoria.
    Just came here from normblog (I’m among the profiles), having read your delightful piece about H E Bates’s Larkin series. What a lovely appreciation – and reminder of how those books brimmed with joy and gloriously straightforward, unashamed sensuality, all handled with generosity.
    Thank you!

  2. Off topic – I’ve arrived from the Normblog link.

    A lot of H.E. Bates stuff is a lot darker than DBoM – Catherine Foster or The Little Farm, some of the wartime stuff – it’s all one thing or the other with him.

    (and for a while in the early Seventies a few of my long-haired uni friends went around in striped blazers and ties, under the influence of ‘The Fabulous Mrs V’)

  3. The guest post on normblog was about the Larkin series, so I had the decency and generosity to comment appreciatively on that. But golly, that’s me put in my place!

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