Snow in Chawton — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Victoria, this is Isa Merino from Málaga (Spain). I follow your blog. It´s amazing. I adore Jane Austen, her books, her sites and so on. Last year I visited Chawton Cottage in Alton. I was very happy for that, so my blog is named like Jane´s home in that place.
    In a few days I´ll travel to Bath for Jane Austen festival. I was talking about this one with Jane Odiwee. (Great blog too). Jane told me that you and She will be in Bath the same weekend that me. She told me we can see each other early in the Abbey. I´ll try to recognize both of you and if you don´t care I´ll say hello to you and meet you for a moment. It will be a pleasure for me and a great illusion. So, I´m waiting for that moment.
    Sorry for my English is not as good as I wanted.


    Isa Merino

    See you in Bath.

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