Love in the afternoon — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Victoria,
    I have just finished reading ‘Unter Deinem Stern’ (in German). I can understand why the Germans loved your novel and even made a film out of it. I really adored the plot and your descriptive writing. Also,I cannot fault the German translation. It seems you have secured yourself a brilliant support team. I shall now try to get hold of the other novels you wrote and read them in German, if possible.
    I really wish I could write like you……
    Love from
    Helga Tolani (we met again at Waterstones (Uxbridge) together with Janet Gover, Jean Fullerton and Juliet Archer. Please say ‘hello’ to them from me. (I was the one who left early!).

  2. Lovely to see you again, Helga, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed Unter Deinem Stern. My second German romance is Wenn es dich gibt and a third, Wohin mit der Liebe, is out in January. And, of course, there’s Molly’s Millions! Good luck with your own writing – never give up!

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