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The Book Lovers

Author Callie Logan never expected to swap her life in London for one in rural Suffolk but, after the breakdown of her marriage, she decides that a fresh start is just what she needs. Finding Owl Cottage in the tiny village of Newton St Clare, Callie gives up on love and throws herself into her work. But she soon has two very different men vying for her attention.

Leo who likes to live on the wild side, which usually means taking his dates foraging in the local woods for their supper, and bookshop owner Sam who is recovering from a divorce and embracing the single life, that is, until he meets Callie.

But is Callie willing to risk her heart again and, if she is, will she make the right choice?

The Book Lovers is the first in my new series of full-length novels.

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Three Graces

Carys Miller doesn’t believe in the aristocracy nor does she believe in the supernatural. So, when she finds herself married to Richard, 12th Duke of Cuthland, and living in his haunted house, she wonders if she’s going mad.

Carys finds herself in charge of a house the size of a whole village, in the most unpopular of roles as stepmother to young Cecily and Evie, and having to deal with her formidable mother-in-law, the Dowager Duchess, who might once have been a society beauty but now possesses a frown which could turn a man to stone.

Carys desperately needs help but she doesn’t expect it to come from an eighteenth century duchess who simply refuses to leave Amberley.

Three Graces is a story about mothers, daughters, lovers and ghosts, and how the past, somehow, always manages to find its way into the present.

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Christmas at the Cove

When Millie Venning escapes to her aunt’s cottage on the windswept Devon coast for Christmas, she isn’t looking for romance. So, when she finds a handsome stranger already at the cottage, she’s baffled. Has her aunt double-booked the cottage by mistake or is she up to her match-making tricks once again?

Christmas at the Cove is a warm-hearted novella and the first book in my ‘Christmas at…’ series.

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