The Heart of the Garden

The Heart of the Garden by Victoria Connelly

Morton Hall, with its beautiful, ruined grounds and its reclusive mistress, Emilia Morton, is full of mysteries. For freelance editor Anne Marie, the wild garden has become a serene and secret refuge from her loveless marriage. The only other regular visitor is Cape, the hall’s part-time gardener, who is forbidden to tend to anything except the magnificent maze or to meet his enigmatic employer.

When Emilia dies, Cape and Anne Marie are astonished to find themselves among an unlikely group of villagers named in her strange will. Morton Hall, including its dazzling art collection and once glorious grounds, can belong to the community forever, but only if they work together to bring the garden back to life within a single year.

As they try to put their differences aside to restore the tangled grounds, long-buried secrets are unearthed. Can the past be forgiven as hope and new love begin to bloom?

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Love in an English Garden

The Jacobs family has lived at Orley Court for generations. But when Vanessa Jacobs is widowed and left to manage the property, she finds costs spiralling out of control. In order to stay in their beloved home, she and her daughters will have to sell part of it off – a decision that drives a wedge between Vanessa and her mother-in-law.

The new owners of the north wing are Laurence Sturridge and his father, Marcus. Both of them long for an escape: Laurence from the monotony of his City career; Marcus from the grief of losing his wife. Could the beauty of Orley Court offer them a fresh outlook on life?

As the two families embark on a challenging new chapter over the course of a glorious English summer, secrets are revealed and relationships tested. But as Orley Court begins to weave its magic over them, will it be love, above all, that brings the two families together?

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Rules for a Successful Book Club

Rules for a Successful Book Club audio 160Polly Nightingale never meant to fall in love again especially not with a biker thirteen years her junior. But then Jago Solomon enters her life with a guitar strapped to his back, and Polly and her six-year-old son, Archie, know that they’ve never been happier.

But what happened three years ago when Polly’s husband, Sean, went missing? And what will it mean for Polly and Jago if her past ever catches up with them?

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 The Book Lovers

The Book Lovers

Author Callie Logan never expected to swap her life in London for one in rural Suffolk but, after the breakdown of her marriage, she decides that a fresh start is just what she needs. Finding Owl Cottage in the tiny village of Newton St Clare, Callie determines to give up on love and throw herself into her work. But fate seems to have other ideas and she soon has two very different men vying for her attention.

First there’s Leo who likes to live on the wild side which usually means taking his dates foraging in the local woods for their supper. Then there’s Sam Nightingale, owner of Nightingale’s bookshop. Sam, recovering from a divorce, has also vowed to embrace the single life. That is, until he meets Callie.

But is Callie willing to risk her heart again and, if she is, will she make the right choice?

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Christmas at the Cove

Christmas_at_the_Cove_Audiobook_webWhen Millie Venning escapes to her aunt’s cottage on the windswept Devon coast for Christmas, she isn’t looking for romance. So when she finds a handsome stranger already at the cottage, she’s baffled. Has her aunt double-booked the cottage by mistake or is she up to her match-making tricks once again?

Christmas at the Cove is a warm-hearted novella perfect for the festive season.

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Christmas at the Castle

Christmas at the Castle Cover AUDIO 160

Life at Caldoon Castle in the Highlands of Scotland isn’t easy for Catriona Fraser and her two children especially since her husband died. So, when Iain MacNeice and his two daughters book the castle for the Christmas holidays, Catriona’s prayers seem to be answered.

But the MacNeices arrive with a whole host of their own problems and it’s going to take time, patience and a little bit of Christmas magic to make this holiday a happy one.

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Christmas at the Cottage

After a bad breakup, all Rowan Corrigan wants is time alone at the family cottage in the Lake District. But her sister Rachel and husband Paul have exactly the same idea. As does Paul’s best friend Nick – the very last man Rowan wants to see after her embarrassing encounter with him at Rachel and Paul’s wedding.

As the snow begins to fall, this could become the worst Christmas on record. But Christmas is a time for miracles and Rowan has always believed in those….

Christmas at the Cottage is the third novella in the “Christmas at…” series and is a heart-warming story of love, family, and a place to call home from the author of The Rose Girls.

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The Rose Girls

The Rose Girls audiobook cover webThirty-year-old Celeste Hamilton’s life is at a crossroads: she has just left a disastrous marriage, and her estranged mother has recently died, leaving the family’s rose business in jeopardy. Reluctantly, Celeste returns to the family home, a moated manor house in Suffolk, to help her two younger sisters sort out the estate and revive the business.

Having endured the fallout from her mother’s narcissistic personality disorder when she was younger, Celeste is filled with self-doubt and crippling insecurities. But she must find the strength and courage to take charge and make some tough decisions to keep the old house from falling down around them.

The Rose Girls is an uplifting, tender and romantic story of courage, perseverance and the healing power of family.

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The Secret of You

The_Secret_of_You audiobook webJournalist Anna McCall has never understood people who collect things. So, when she’s asked to interview local collector and eccentric, William Kitson, she isn’t exactly looking forward to the experience.

But she soon falls under the charm of Fox Hill Manor as well as its owner, even though she thinks there’s something very strange about the collection there. What exactly is William hiding in the unused wing of the manor house? And is it a story Anna could sell?

Set in the beautiful Cotswolds, The Secret of You is a novel about love, trust and antiques.

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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here audioSun, sea and secrets…

A week on the sunny Greek island of Kethos is just what Alice Archer needs, even if she has to put up with her difficult sister. Stella’s tantrums and divalike demands are a fair price to pay for crystal-clear waters, blue skies and white clifftop villas.

When Alice meets Milo, a handsome gardener at the Villa Argenti, for the first time she suddenly feels beautiful, alluring and confident. But is it just holiday magic, or will the irresistible pull between Alice and Milo survive against all odds?

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The Runaway Actress

The Runaway Actress by Victoria Connelly - Audiobookaudio cover 160When the stresses of being an A-list actress get too much for her, Connie Gordon decides to escape to a tiny Scottish village. But little does she realise that whilst Lochnabrae might be quiet, it’s far from sleepy….

Beautiful, rich, famous and seriously stressed, actress Connie Gordon is ready for a change. Deciding to accept an invitation from her fan club in Scotland, Connie kisses good-bye to her ex-boyfriends, stalkers and double-crossing agents and prepares herself for complete relaxation.

But swapping the Hollywood Hills for the Highlands of Scotland doesn’t make for the easiest of transitions, and, when she meets local playwright Alastair McInnes, who’s sworn he’ll never become involved with another actress again, sparks fly, and the sleepy village of Lochnabrae will never be the same again.

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A Summer to Remember

A Summer to Remember audiobook Victoria ConnellyEscape deep into the English countryside in this perfect summer’s day listen. Fans of Alexandra Potter and Katie Fforde won’t be able to resist.

Nina Elliot is tired of her life. She’s not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way she lost track of where it was all going.

So one fateful day, she makes a brave decision: she’s going to leave it all behind. Taking a job deep in the English countryside, Nina does just that. Ensconced at the Old Mill, she settles into daily life with the Milton family, where she works as a researcher for author Dudley.

With endless summer days stretching out ahead of her, Nina couldn’t be happier. But her quiet life is soon interrupted when the handsome Milton boys return home, for they plan to make sure this really is a summer to remember….

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Molly’s Millions

Molly's Millions. audiobook webHard-up florist Molly Bailey has just won a fortune in the National Lottery. And she wants to get rid of it – fast!

Tom Mackenzie is on the verge of losing his job. He needs one hell of a story if he hopes to secure his future in journalism. And his luck may have just come in…

With a strong belief that sharing her good fortune is the only way forward, Molly unwittingly becomes the most sought-after person in the country as she distributes her wealth to the masses. With only her terrier pup, Fizz, and her trusty Beetle for company, Molly embarks on the journey of her life. But with Tom hot on her heels, will she succeed before her family and the media catch up with her? And, with Tom leading the pack, would that really be such a bad thing…?

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Escape to Mulberry Cottage

Escape to Mlberry Cottage cover 160

Having grown up in rural Norfolk, author Victoria Connelly never thought she’d ever live in London but, after surviving eleven years in the noisy suburbs, she finally persuades her husband to move to Suffolk – to a county with no motorways, a village with no shops and a cottage with no mains drainage.

Escape to Mulberry Cottage follows Victoria and her artist husband, Roy, as they embrace country life with their ever-expanding family of animals. Illustrated with twenty stunning photographs, it’s the perfect read for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting away from it all.

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A Dog Called Hope

A Dog Called Hope - audiobookWhen a stray dog walks into a sleepy Chiltern village, she touches the lives of many people there, but can she help the recently widowed Alfie Ellis, who has been living a kind of half life since the loss of his wife of 43 years?

A Dog Called Hope is a touching and heartwarming novella.

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A Weekend with Mr Darcy

A Weekend with Mr Darcy audiobook webThe first book in the Austen Addicts series.

When two couples meet and fall in love at a Jane Austen conference deep in the heart of the English countryside, there are secrets and surprises as well as romance on the agenda …

A Weekend with Mr Darcy is the first in the bestselling Austen Addicts series.

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Christmas with Mr Darcy

CWMD audiobook cover 160

Book 4 in The Austen Addicts series

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of Jane Austen …

Christmas is being celebrated in style at Purley Hall in Hampshire because renowned actress, Dame Pamela Harcourt, is holding a special Jane Austen Conference. Everybody’s there: Katherine and Warwick, Robyn and Dan, Kay, Adam and Gemma, and Sarah and Mia. Oh, and Mrs Soames.

But, when a rare first edition of Pride and Prejudice goes missing, the guests have to forget the fun and games and turn detective…

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Happy Birthday, Mr Darcy

Happy Birthday Mr Darcy audiobook 160

Book 5 in the Austen Addicts series.

You are cordially invited to a wedding at Purley Hall…

It’s the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but it’s also a special year for Katherine Roberts and Warwick Lawton because they’re getting married.

But can Katherine put aside her fear about the future and can Warwick put his pen down long enough to actually make it up the aisle?

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At Home with Mr Darcy

AHWMD audiobook 160

The Austen Addicts are back!

It’s summer and renowned actress, Dame Pamela Harcourt, has organised a treat: the first Purley Hall Jane Austen holiday – to the home of Mr Darcy no less.

With Katherine and Warwick, Robyn, Doris Norris and the rest of the gang, it’s going to be a trip to remember. But then a hardened journalist and non-Janeite, Melissa Berry, joins the party. Fearing a stitch-up, the friends rally together, hoping to convince Melissa that the only way is Austen… Book 6 in the Austen Addicts series.

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