Signing at Chawton — 3 Comments

  1. Looks lovely Victoria! I love the Disney toadstools! My Mum always used to say that the fairies live under them! Wanted to tell you, while I was at Starbucks tonight with my Dad, there was a beautiful spaniel called Molly. She looked very much like your beautiful girl. She was lovely and bouncy and fun. xxx

  2. Your books are being sold at Chawton!! Oh, that is so cool. Have they moved the shop out of the house? It looks much bigger and as if it’s now in one of the outbuildings?

    Love the toadstools – a bit like Trish’s Mum, I imagined that a fairy troupe were hiding in the undergrowth waiting until you’d taken your picture and they could move back to their toadstools.

  3. Kathryn – yes, the shop is now in a lovely outbuilding with lots of room for books. The room they used to use is now a library where visitors can browse. I love their shop and could spend hours in there!

    Glad you both like the toadstools – I always get a buzz when I spot them!

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