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  1. Dear Victoria,
    i cant thank you enough for your lovely, warm and definetely cute book A WEEKEND WITH MR DARCY…i am a great reader, but sometimes it takes so long for me to find that perfect book! but now i think i found even my favourite writer and it is YOU:) i cant wait to get myself your other books and i know now how painful it will be to wait for next two books of the trilogy about Mr. Darcy…
    thank you very much and best of luck!

    with love,

  2. Thank you, Dove! I’m so glad you liked ‘A Weekend with Mr Darcy’. ‘Dreaming of Mr Darcy’ comes out in the UK in June and I also have another novel out called ‘Molly’s Millions’ which you may like. Happy reading and thank you for your kind message.

  3. Victoria,

    You look beautiful! I’m glad you had a good time at the launch night! Any plans to head up North for any signings? xx

  4. Thanks, Trish! I think the next event will probably be Norwich but there may be Worcester and Yorkshire events too.

  5. Victoria, I was so sorry to have missed this! Laid low by a horrid lurgy that has prevented me from setting foot outside my sick bed for days. Thank goodness for Amazon. Off to order my copy which I hope you’ll sign for me sometime in the future. Best of luck with it.


  6. Yahoo!! Went into Blackburn today and they had your book!! Soooo excited!!! Only had 2 copies, but at least it’s a start!! Am going to start reading it as soon as we’ve moved next weekend. Don’t want to wait, but don’t have time at the moment. xxx

  7. Congratulations Victoria! I’m adding your book to my wishlist for now (I have so many to read at the moment) and look forward to having a read soon.
    It sounds absolutely fantastic!
    Best wishes

  8. hi Victoria, I’m Jean from Singapore. Really enjoyed reading your book. It was a real page turner! I almost dismissed the book as ‘yet another chick lit flick’ due to its cover, but I was glad that I gave it a try! Am looking forward to the next 2 installments! 🙂


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