Vampires or Nice Guys?

This was the question being asked last night at Mostly Books in Abingdon where I joined fellow author Kate Harrison.  The event was sold out and there were lots of writers in the audience who kept us on our toes with plenty of questions.  Thanks to Nicki for organising such a fabulous event and to Gabby from the Abingdon Writers’ Group for chairing the evening.  And the verdict?  Well, we think vampires are here to stay – for a while, at least, but I don’t think Kate or I will be giving our own heroes fangs! 

 With Kate Harrison


Mostly Books

And I’ve just seen I have a lovely new edition of one of my German novels.  This is my romantic comedy set in Venice about a young woman who’s given a magical Venetian mask.  I love it!

Wenn es dich gibt Weltbild