Out and about

This has been an amazing couple of weeks.  I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing my first UK novel, Molly’s Millions, in the bookshops.  Here I am in a branch of Smith’s next to Cherie Blair!


I also did a spot of signing with fellow author, Lola Jaye.  We ventured into central London on the hottest day of the year and signed as many of our books as we could find.  If you can find an unsigned one, it’s worth an absolute fortune! 

Here we are at Smith’s in Victoria.  Thanks to the lovely Ines who was so sweet and helpful.


I also attended a wonderful garden party at Oxford’s St John’s College with my Great Uncle Peter who was a student there in 1949.  The sun shone for us and there were cucumber sandwiches, heaps of cake and strawberries and cream.  It was perfect! 


Whilst in Oxford, we visited The Eagle and Child (also known as The Bird and Baby) where the ‘Inklings’ used to meet.  It was amazing to step into the pub where early readings of The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia stories would have taken place, and my uncle told me he was in Oxford at the same time as Tolkien and CS Lewis!