March in April

As you may know, we recently rehomed four ex-battery chickens from the British Hen Welfare Trust.  It’s over two months since we brought them home and they’ve really settled into their new lives well.  I adore them and can’t imagine life without them now. 

However, there are still millions of chickens kept in tiny battery cages – not just in our country but all over Europe.  There’s meant to be a ban on caged chickens which should come into force in January 2012 but several countries are dragging their heels and say they won’t be ready.

To help make sure this ban goes ahead, Compassion in World Farming are staging an event in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday 19th from 11 am.  There will be human-sized cages and guess who’s agreed to be locked up in one of them?  ME!  So, if you want to come and see me finding out what life is really like for a battery hen, come along on Tuesday.  There’ll be a petition you can sign and you can also join in the march to deliver it to DEFRA.  TV presenter and conservationist Bill Oddie will be there too!  So do try and join us and make your voice heard.

If you can’t make the big day, you can still help make a difference here.  On behalf of myself, Dotty, Minnie, Alice, Dolly Clare and caged chickens everywhere, THANK YOU!