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The Rose Girls cover - web 350

The Secret of You by Victoria Connelly

Christmas at the Cove by Victoria Connelly

Wish You Were Here


A Year at Mulberry Cottage 300

SAMC cover 300

A Weekend with Mr Darcy Small


Mr Darcy Forever cover

Christmas with Mr Darcy

Happy Birthday Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly

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The Runaway Actress

Molly's Millions cover300

Flights of Angels cover 300

Irresistible You by Victoria Connelly

Three Graces cover300


One Perfect Week by Victoria Connelly_300

The Retreat by Victoria Connelly_300

Postcard from Venice by Victoria Connelly_300

A Dog Called Hope by Victoria Connelly

Secret Pyramid

Jimmy Catesby

The Book Lovers
The Rose Girls
The Secret of You
Christmas at The Cove
Wish You Were Here
Escape to Mulberry Cottage
A Year at Mulberry Cottage
Summer at Mulberry Cottage
A Weekend with Mr Darcy
The Perfect Hero (Dreaming of Mr Darcy)
Mr Darcy Forever
Christmas With Mr Darcy
Happy Birthday Mr Darcy
At Home with Mr Darcy
A Summer to Remember
The Runaway Actress
Molly’s Millions
Flights of Angels
Irresistible You
Three Graces
It’s Magic (A compilation volume)
One Perfect Week and Other Stories
The Retreat and Other Stories
Postcard from Venice and Other Stories
A Dog Called Hope
Secret Pyramid (children’s adventure)
The Audacious Auditions of Jimmy Catesby (children’s adventure)