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We had to say goodbye to our dear Celeste yesterday. Losing a hen never gets any easier even though we’ve been through it many times since starting to rehome ex-bats five years ago.

Celeste came to us via the wonderful British Hen Welfare Trust back in September with her flock sisters Gertie and Evie – all named after heroines from my novel The Rose Girls which had been published that summer.September 2015On her first day in the garden, she went up against the formidable Peggy and soon realised that, although she’d never be top hen, she’d make a pretty good deputy.

Sept with Peggy

Peggy and Celeste soon became the best of friends, often sharing a nest box together and dust-bathing in the garden cheek by jowl.



Celeste was one of the most docile hens I’ve ever known and never protested when I asked for a cuddle.

12744097_10156511339365517_437726394174298405_nHer time with us was all too brief, but I sincerely hope she enjoyed it. We loved having her as part of the Mulberry Cottage flock and will miss her gentle presence.

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