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I’ve just had a really exciting experience – seeing the cover of my book, The Rose Girls, all lit up on the Amazon Publishing stand at the London Book Fair.


My husband and I spotted the paperback first, proudly displayed on their counter here:

The Rose Girls on the Amazon standBut I definitely did a double-take when I saw it at the top of their amazing banner!

The book fair is a huge, noisy, exciting event at Olympia. Just a few years ago, it was a pretty daunting place for a writer to be but, these days, there’s an Author HQ and numerous talks and events such as this fabulous panel featuring Joanna Penn and Mark Dawson. Do check out their excellent podcasts for indie authors. I’ve learned so much from both of them.


Olympia from upper floor

And it was a lot of fun to meet up with some of my Notting Hill Press pals at the Amazon Publishing party in the evening. Here I am with Talli Roland, Nick Spalding and Matt Dunn.

NHP at Amazon Pary April Talli, Nick and Matt

Now, it’s back to my desk and my deadline for Love in an English Garden. There’s an editor champing at the bit to read it!


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