The Runaway Actress

I’m delighted to announce that my new book, The Runaway Actress, is out in the UK today:

And there’s a competition where you can win a signed copy together with gifts inspired by the book.  And we’ve even got a fun book trailer although I have to confess that no hens make an appearance.  At least, there shouldn’t be any hens in there …

So that’s two books out this month!  Two new books and three new hens – I am truly blessed!

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5 Responses to The Runaway Actress

  1. Rainie Bish says:

    Is it Primrose?
    I cant wait to read the runaway actress. So far my favourites are Mollys Millions & the Perfect Hero

  2. Jacqui Baldwin says:

    Is it Primrose?
    I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon & downloaded onto my Kindle first thing this morning, although as I’ve been out all day, I’ve not had a chance to start it yet!!!

  3. Morton Gray says:

    Is it Dotty? Good luck with the books. Mx

  4. Trish Hills says:

    I think the pop-up hen is Primrose! And a gorgeous girl she is! Congrats on your publication day!! xoxo

  5. Victoria says:

    Thank you to everyone who made publication day so special by RTing and sharing on Facebook and playing ‘Guess the Hen’. I can now reveal that the hen is … Dotty! And we have a winner – Trish! Well done, Trish. A signed copy of ‘Mr Darcy Forever’ is on its way to you.

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