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We’ve been enjoying some unseasonably warm and sunny weather here in Suffolk and we’ve taken complete advantage of it by getting out in the garden and planting all the roses I bought for our cottage garden.  The hens have been out and about too, enjoying sun and dustbathing and revelling in the fact that the snow has gone and they can get on with the business of being hens again.

And Molly and I have been exploring more footpaths, watching the yellowhammers and listening to the skylarks.  It really feels as if spring has arrived early especially with all the beautiful wide-mouthed crocuses opening in the garden.

I’ve been writing in the evenings once it’s dark and the temptation of the great outdoors is no more, and things seem to be going pretty well at the moment.  I’m working on my new rom com, The Aphrodite Touch, and I’m also counting down the days until the publication of The Runaway Actress in the UK and Mr Darcy Forever in the US.  I got a glimpse of the new cover for The Runaway Actress this week and it’s gorgeous!  Can’t wait to share it with you!


Spring Chickens! — 2 Comments

  1. Oh those happy hens, I am rather envious, I have wanted hens for such a long time but cannot seem to muster enthusiasm from the rest of the family.

    This turn in the weather is heavenly, I took my lunch outside yesterday, so nice to feel the sun again.

  2. You will HAVE to get hens, Rebecca – they are absolutely joyous and I’m sure the family will warm to them in no time at all. Come and meet our girls some time soon : )

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