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One of the things I love about summer is that you can decide to go out as late as six o’clock and still have hours of daylight to enjoy.  That’s what we did yesterday – heading off into Oxfordshire.  Roy’s painting a series of pictures along the Ridgeway and this means me and Molly get to enjoy some glorious walks.  The countryside is laced with chalky footpaths and, because it’s too difficult to choose just one, we decided to explore all of them! 

Bix, Oxfordshire

One path led to a pretty little ruin.  I love how the crumbling arches frame the countryside in this picture.


The evening sunshine turned everything golden and Molly kept having to pull on her lead to remind me we were on a walk and weren’t there just to stand and stare!

Barley field

On with the novel now and I’ve almost completed the first draft of Dreaming of Mr Darcy – the second in my trilogy about Jane Austen addicts.  It’s always a moment of great relief tinged with sadness when you finish a novel and I’m both looking forward to and dreading it!


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