The Short Story Collections…

I’m delighted to reveal the brand new covers for my three short story collections – aren’t they beautiful? I think they’re really pretty and summery and I hope readers will love them as much as I do. Each collection has at least ten short stories and is available in ebook form at just £1.99 so grab yourself a beautiful bargain today!

Click on a cover below to find out more…

Victoria Connelly short story collections

One Perfect Week and other stories Postcard from Venice and other stories The Retreat and other stories

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Flying the Coop

Don’t you just love it when you discover a new author? Especially a fellow hen-keeping author who is also a gardening enthusiast. I recently came across a gorgeous book called All Your Eggs in One Basket and was struck not only by the beauty of the prose but by the stunning photographs of a Suffolk garden not too far away from our own so I wrote to the author – the lovely Francine Raymond – to say hello.

Since writing her book, Francine had swapped the gentle Suffolk countryside for the bustling seaside town of Whitstable in Kent and we were invited to visit her to talk about writing, gardening and hens.

IMG_8813We took a tour around her pretty garden, had a gorgeous lunch and then walked down to the sea, passing some colourful villas and beach huts and lots of wonderfully wild areas full of flowers and berries.

Whitstable with Francine Raymond P1070978I am reading Francine’s latest book, Flying the Coop, right now and it’s fabulous. Highly recommended for all country-lovers!






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Goodbye, Little Flo

It’s been a very sad week here at Mulberry Cottage because we lost our beloved hen, Little Flo. She’d been slowly sinking away from us for some time, snoozing in quiet corners of the garden with her feathers all fluffed up, and not eating very much.

Little Flo came to us over two years ago as part of our second flock of ex-bat hens. She was the smallest, most threadbare hen I had ever seen, and this made her bottom of the pecking order.

Flo in the KingcupsShe was also incredibly shy, skulking about in the nest box, hopping from perch to perch. But, slowly, she grew in confidence, grew herself some beautiful golden feathers and rose in rank to become top hen.

Little Flo in the geraniumsI have never seen such an incredible transformation in a hen and I’m so thrilled that she had two years of free-ranging with us. I just wish it could have been for longer because she was such a special little character.

Little Flo 3Goodbye, Little Flo. We shall miss you so much.

Flo in the snow



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A Summer to Remember

ASTR_OUT NOWI’m delighted to announce that my new novel A Summer to Remember is out now in ebook with the paperback to follow shortly. I really hope you all enjoy this one!

Here’s what the reviewers are saying about it:

‘A perfect holiday read – sunny weather, romance, gorgeous countryside, and great characters. I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on this book.’ Hello!

‘A really easy to read, happy, summery novel. Full of fun and joyful characters.’ Random Things Through My Letterbox

‘A truly sunny novel that will sweep you off your feet. I absolutely loved A Summer To Remember and would happily read it all over again.’ Victoria Loves Books

‘A charming, delightful, heart-warming book that left me feeling full of love, hope and joy!’ Kim the Bookworm 

‘A wonderful summer read I heartily recommend. Full of romance, laughs and lots of family fun.’ Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

‘A sparklingly sunny and gorgeous read that will definitely bring a smile to your face. Perfect holiday reading material!’ A Spoonful of Happy Endings

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The Thrush Green Girls

Last week, we welcomed four gorgeous new ex-commercial hens to Mulberry Cottage where they’ll have a happy retirement after their stressful factory lives. Named after characters from Miss Read’s Thrush Green novels, they are: Winnie, Ella, Agnes and Violet and they’re settling in very nicely, exploring the rose borders, pecking at anything that’s green and sunbathing in this glorious May weather we’re having here in Suffolk.

Here’s Agnes negotiating the ladder for the first time on her first morning with us. She did very well!

First morning

And it wasn’t long before she was venturing further afield.

Agnes exploresHere’s Violet inspecting my roses. I told her they’re not on the menu under any circumstances!

Violet amongst the rosesOf course, there were a few unfriendly confrontations with the old girls.

Peggy vs AgnesBut, for the most part, things were pretty quiet and the new girls were relaxed enough to do a spot of sunbathing





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Books and Chooks

Last week, I was interviewed by the East Anglian Daily Times and, today, the photographer came to Mulberry Cottage to take some photos. Roy also used the opportunity to get his camera out and the hens got in on the action too and just look at that fabulous pose of Mariette’s! Isn’t she a natural in front of the camera?

Author with MarietteOf course, it wasn’t long before Nancy and Peggy joined us too.

Author with hens smallAnd I couldn’t resist having a quick cuddle before the cameras were put away and it was time to return to the desk.


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Spring forward

We are having a lovely spring here in Suffolk and have been spending plenty of time outside – with the hens…

Happy Easterwith friends at a woodland BBQ…


with evening walks to beautiful places…

IMG_8081and just pottering around the garden admiring the wonderful springiness of it all!


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A Year at Mulberry Cottage – out now!

It’s spring and that means I have a brand new book for you!

A Year at Mulberry Cottage by Victoria ConnellyA Year at Mulberry Cottage follows our adventures in rural Suffolk throughout a whole calendar year from rescuing more ex-battery hens to entering our first village show. The book follows on from Escape to Mulberry Cottage and is the perfect read for anyone who has ever dreamed of a life in the country.

Buy Now A Year at Mulberry Cottage by Victoria ConnellyIt was so much fun to write and I particularly enjoyed choosing the photographs (there are over thirty gorgeous pics!) which show life in the countryside at its very best.

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